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Images from 2013 Atlanta Historic Races at Road Atlanta

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Images from 2013 LouElla Cook Memorial Double SARRC – Double ECR at Roebling Road

May 18 – 19, 2013

Gallery of Images

For the last 3 years, Atlanta Region SCCA’s May event at Road Atlanta has been run as a “Rational”; Regional and National classes run concurrently.  Although this year the Regional races were not SARRC points events.  This may have attributed to the low number of entries.  This year’s event also included rounds 5 & 6 of the US Formula 1000 Championship – East.

The weather didn’t exactly cooperate and definitely attributed to the number of DNS’s (Did Not Start) in Sunday’s races.  The only dry race of the weekend was the Group 5 race Saturday afternoon.

Group 1.a – B-Spec, SRF, T4, IT7, ITA, ITR, ITS, ITX, SM5, LeChump

The first race Sunday morning was a split start with Tray Ayres leading only three SRF cars to the start.  Mauricio Montana led the rest of the field in the 2nd2013-05-19 09.50.52 group of the split start.  By lap 6 Montana was in the lead overall ahead of Ayres and Robeson Clay Russell.  This is the way they circulated the track until the checker.  Russell (#31) was able to hang with Ayres (#7) to keep the SRF battle somewhat interesting.  He caught Ayres once, but spun at Turn 5.  He caught up with him again, but ran out of laps.


2013-05-19 09.21.32 2013-05-19 09.33.50
Mauricio Montana
BMW 325is
Winner in Regional ITS.
Ted Thorpe
Acura Integra
Winner in Regional ITA.


2013-05-19 09.40.06 2013-05-19 09.21.23
James Green
BMW 325i
Winner in Regional ITR.
Tray Ayres
Winner in National SRF.


Group 1.b – EP, FP, GTL, HP, STL, STU, T3, ITB, ITC, SPU

2013-05-19 15.41.39The two Lotuses (or is that Loti?) of Wayne Presley (#0) and John Pickle (#9) were at the front of the grid since 2nd fastest qualifier Jim Kellogg did not start.  Pickle got the jump on Presley and led the first nine laps.  On lap 10 Pickle dropped to 4th place and Presley cruised to the overall win.


2013-05-19 15.36.09_02 2013-05-19 15.42.50
Chuck Reynolds
BMW 2002 tii
Winner in Regional EP.
Michael Kamalian
Volkswagen Golf
Winner in Regional ITB.


2013-05-19 15.41.23 2013-05-19 15.24.58
Christopher Everett
Mazda Miata
Winner in Regional STL.
Michael Kolf
Mazda RX7
Winner in Regional STU.


2013-05-19 15.35.54 2013-05-19 15.43.53
Wayne Presley
Lotus Elise
Winner in National T3.
Cliff Brown
Mazda Miata
Winner in National STL.


2013-05-19 15.46.16_03 2013-05-19 15.43.21
John Pickle
Lotus Elise
Winner in National STU.
Jud Scott
Porsche 944
Winner in National EP.


2013-05-19 15.43.06_02
Michael Miller
Austin Sprite
Winner in National HP.


Group 2.a – CSR, DSR, FA, FB, FE, FM, ASR, FS

The first race after lunch on Sunday was checkered at the end of lap 6 due to the weather.  After the race some of the drivers commented on how bad the visibility was.  Lawrence Loshak had pole position and led those six laps to take the win.  Glenn Cooper was 2nd until Alex Mayer took the position on lap 6.  The top 3 overall made up the podium for round 6 of the US Formula 1000 Championship – East.


2013-05-19 13.31.15 2013-05-19 13.34.29
Christopher Bryant
Mazda FM
Winner in Regional FM.
Lawrence Loshak
JDR F1000
Winner in National FB.


2013-05-19 13.32.59 2013-05-19 13.31.06
Robert Corliss
Swift FA 14A
Winner in National FA.
Jerome Mee
Van Diemen Elan
Winner in National CSR.


2013-05-19 13.31.07 2013-05-19 13.33.25
Tilden Kinlaw
Mazda FE
Winner in National FE.
Doug Piner
Dauntless MX-1
Winner in National DSR.


Group 2.b – F5, FC, FF, FV, S2, CF, F6, FST

This was the smallest field of the weekend with five cars qualifying and only four cars starting the race.  Pole sitter Clint McMahan only completed one lap before pulling off at the inside of Turn 1 giving the lead to Steve Brooks.  Jason Fitzpatrick took the lead on lap 6 and went on to win overall.


2013-05-19 16.09.39 2013-05-19 16.09.35
Jason Fitzpatrick
McMahan FDS 001
Winner in Regional F6.
Steve Brooks
Van Diemen
Winner in Regional CF.


2013-05-19 16.11.40
Hawley Chester
Royale RP 38/42
Winner in National S2.


Group 3 – SM, SM2

I believe this is the smallest Spec Miata field I’ve ever seen.  There were only eight cars in the field.  Cliff Brown had pole position, but Jonathan Czarny got a 2013-05-19 14.19.58great start from 7th on the grid and was leading at the end of the first lap.  At the end of lap 2 the order was Czarny, Brown, and Case Crowell.  That was the order for the next eleven laps.  But Crowell (#92) kept the pressure on Brown (#01) and on lap 14 Brown went off allowing Crowell through into 2nd place.  The finishing order was Czarny, Crowell, and Brown.


2013-05-19 13.58.37 2013-05-19 14.21.41
Corbin Cooper
Mazda Miata
Winner in Regional SM.
Jonathan Czarny
Mazda Miata
Winner in National SM.


Group 4 – AS, GT1, GT2, GT3, T1, T2, GTA, ITO, SPO

Not much to say about this race.  The pole sitter Bob Monette Did Not Start and the remaining drivers were class winners by virtue of being the only cars in class.  But you have to be out there to win.  Chad Bacon jumped from the 3rd starting position to lead every lap for the overall win.


2013-05-19 14.50.01 2013-05-19 14.50.04_02
Eugene Copeland
Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Winner in Regional GTA.
Kenneth Raines
Chevrolet Camaro
Winner in Regional AS.


2013-05-19 14.52.57 2013-05-19 14.52.55
Chad Bacon
Toyota Celica
Winner in National GT3.
Thomas Himes
Ford Mustang
Winner in National AS.


2013-05-19 14.51.38 2013-05-19 14.37.44
Harold Musler
Chevrolet Corvette
Winner in National GT1.
Jerry Onks
Chevrolet Corvette
Winner in National T1.


Group 5 – Formula 1000 Championship-East

2013-05-18 17.20.13Round 5 of the US Formula 1000 Championship – East on Saturday afternoon was the only dry race of the weekend.  J.R. Osborne was on pole and led the first three laps, but suddenly slowed and moved over on the front straight and let Glenn Cooper and Lawrence Loshak past.  Osborne only continued four more laps before dropping out.  2013-05-18 17.40.48

Cooper led four laps and Loshak took the lead on lap 8.  Loshak and Cooper had a great battle all the way to the finish, but Loshak never relinquished the lead.  The margin of victory was less than 1 second.


2013-05-18 17.35.18 2013-05-18 17.24.27
Lawrence Loshak
JDR F1000
Glenn Cooper
RFR F1000
2nd Place


2013-05-18 11.55.54_02
Alex Mayer
Elan DP-04
3rd Place


Officials and Workers

2013-05-18 17.39.40_03 2013-05-18 17.07.41
2013-05-19 13.22.03 2013-05-18 13.36.43

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Images from The Mitty 2013 at Road Atlanta


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