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April 30 – May 2, 2010

2010 Mitty Image Gallery

Historic Sportscar Racing’s The Classic Motorsports Mitty at Road Atlanta was a great weekend for the car and motorsports enthusiast, whether you were a competitor or a spectator.  There was a lot of great racing on the track, car corrals and exhibits in the infield and paddock, track touring, test rides, vendor area, and parties each night.

Peter Brock was the Grand Marshal and Guest of Honor.  Brock Racing2010-04-30 12.23.16 Enterprises brought Datsun into racing in the SCCA Production class.  Brock is known for his design work on the Corvette Sting Ray and he designed the Cobra Daytona Coupe. 





Lotus was this year’s “Featured Marque”.  There were plenty of Lotus cars2010-04-30 10.44.30 on the track, and Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum brought several Lotus cars for display in vendor row. 

2010-04-30 10.50.25  


Klub Sport Porsche Challenge

2010-04-30 17.38.13

The first race of the weekend was the Klub Sport Porsche Challenge, which consisted of 2 liter and 2.5 liter Porsche 911’s, 914’s and 356’s.  Eric Bretzel won overall in his ‘72 Porsche 911.  


Classic Motorsports Cup (Small Bore Enduro)

The Classic Motorsports Cup is a four race series limited to production sports cars built before 1970 with engines no more than 3 liters.  The first race was held at Roebling Road in April, The Mitty was the second race, and the next 2 races will be at Mid-Ohio in June and Savannah in October.

2010-04-30 18.28.51 2010-04-30 18.39.06
Charles Guest
’67 MG Sprite Midget
Winner overall, winner in 3M.
Dennis Gonzalez
’66 Austin Healey Sprite
2nd overall, winner in 2K.
2010-04-30 18.52.19  
Warren Aplin
’62 Triumph TR4
3rd overall, winner in 2H.


Vintage Enduro

Brian Johnson’s co-driver led most of the Vintage Enduro, but a late pit stop dropped them to 4th or 5th.   Brian charged back and made a last lap pass to2010-05-01 13.51.40 take 2nd place.  Yes, that’s Brian Johnson, the lead singer for AC/DC. 

Unfortunately the HSR results only list one driver’s name for the endurance races.  The co-driver is not listed.  So for the endurance races I only list one driver.  If anyone knows the 2nd driver of any of these cars, please let us know by posting a comment below.

 2010-05-01 13.40.14 2010-05-01 13.32.59
John Harrold
’68 Chevron B8
Winner overall, winner in V9.
Brian Johnson
’70 Royale RP 4
2nd overall, winner in V6.
2010-05-01 12.48.08  
Jerry Loftin
’65 Ford Mustang
3rd overall, 2nd in V9.


SCCA Pro Racing Playboy Mazda MX-5 Cup

Atlanta’s Mathew Pombo took pole position with a record lap of 1:40.220.  2010-05-01 15.04.59Pombo led the race until lap 10, when Lyonel Kent took the lead coming from his 3rd place starting position.  Pombo regained the lead on lap 13, but lost it again on lap 14.  From that lap on, the lead changed multiple times between Pombo and Kent, but Kent never officially relinquished the lead.  There were only 3 official lead changes at the line. 

2010-05-01 14.52.03_02Meanwhile, Brad Rampelberg moved from his eighth place starting position to third on lap 20.  On the last lap at Turn 7, Pombo moved to the inside of Kent, and Rampelberg took advantage and got by Pombo for 2nd.  Kent held off Rampelberg on the last corner for the win.      



 2010-05-01 14.14.23 2010-05-01 14.14.24
Lyonel Kent
1st Place
Brad Rampelberg
2nd Place
2010-05-01 14.46.56_02 2010-05-01 15.02.50
Mathew Pombo
3rd Place
L to R:  Mathew Pombo, Lyonel Kent, Brad Rampelberg


Classic GT Enduro


 2010-05-02 09.02.09 2010-05-02 09.03.48
Richard Duffey
’85 Swift DB-2 
Winner overall, winner in H7.
Eric Bretzel
’72 Porsche 911
2nd overall, winner in GT3.
2010-05-02 08.54.43  
Asa Chandler
’87 Swift S2
3rd overall, 2nd in H7.


Formula 5000 Feature Race

The Formula 5000 V8 engines sounded great on the track.  For more information about Formula 5000 go to www.f5000registry.com.  The Formula 5000 cars had their own feature race on Sunday and also competed in the Group 4 – B.O.S.S. Series race on Saturday.

Tony Adamowicz drove the ‘69 Gurney Eagle Mark 5 in which he 2010-05-02 12.45.17won the 1969  Formula 5000 Championship.  The car was retired in 1969 and has since been in storage.  The car made its 2nd debut at this year’s Mitty on Tony’s 69th birthday.  Tony finished 5th overall and 2nd in class in the Formula 5000 Feature race.  He finished 16th overall and 2nd in class in the Group 4 B.O.S.S. Series race on Saturday.

2010-05-02 12.35.31  2010-05-02 12.32.32
Jim Stengel
’73 McRae GM-1
Winner overall,  winner in F8.
Dudley Cunningham
’73 Lola T332
2nd overall, 2nd in F8.
2010-05-02 12.43.13
Steve Davis
’69 Gurney Eagle MK5
3rd overall, winner in F7.


International – American Challenge

The International – American Challenge pits international sports and GT cars over 1500cc against American muscle cars built through 1973.  This year the American cars came out on top taking the top 3 spots. 

The winner, Anthony Martin, last raced at Road Atlanta 26 years ago.

Top 3 American

 2010-05-02 13.21.30  2010-05-02 13.23.26_02
Anthony Martin
’65 Backdraft Cobra
Winner overall, winner in 5X.
James Cullen
’69 Ford GT40
2nd overall, winner in 3A6T.
2010-05-02 13.21.33  
Tim Holland
’66 Ford Mustang
3rd overall, winner in 2E.


Top 3 International

 2010-05-02 13.32.57 2010-05-02 13.21.46
Byron DeFoor
’73 BMW CSL 3.0
4th overall, winner in 3Q.
Robert Summerour
7th overall, 2nd in 3Q.
2010-05-02 13.20.08  
Derek Young
’71 Datsun 240Z
11th overall, winner in 3J.


GTP, WSC, DP Enduro and Historic Enduro

Bill Adam and Andy Wallace co-drove the #38 ‘05Audi R8.2010-04-30 09.23.45

 2010-05-02 14.40.27 2010-05-02 14.39.28
George Robinson and Jack Baldwin
’01 Riley & Scott MK111C
Winner overall, winner in W1.
Bill Adam and Andy Wallace
’05 Audi R8
2nd overall, 2nd in W1.
2010-05-02 14.40.08  
John Reisman
’02 Lola B2K40
3rd overall, winner in W3.


Group 2 – Vintage Production

Early 50’s production sports cars through 1954; 50’s era sports racing cars through 1959; and certain mid 60’s and early 70’s small-bore production sports cars from 1960-1974.

 2010-05-02 15.19.58 2010-05-02 15.08.33
Bob Leitzinger
’65 Lotus Elan
Winner overall Saturday and Sunday.
Mark Eskuche
’66 Porsche 911
2nd overall Saturday and Sunday.
2010-05-02 15.06.57 2010-05-02 15.18.17
Glenn Stephens
’56 Lotus 11 LeMans
Although this is a picture of Glenn spinning out of the race on Sunday, he finished 3rd overall in Saturday’s race.
Bill Bartlett
’62 Lotus Super 7
3rd place of overall on Sunday.


Group 3 – Historic Production

50’s era sports racing cars through 1959 and over 2 liters plus Austin-Healey 1000; production sports cars over 4.5 liters through 1959 and Corvette through 1962; certain 1960-1966 production sports cars and certain 1967-1974 2 and 2.5 liter production sports cars.

Predator Performance teammates Brian Johnson and Farrell Preston take 1st and 2nd place in Sunday’s race.  I could not find any results available for Saturday’s race.

 2010-05-02 16.13.00 2010-05-02 16.16.48

Ernie Bello made a last lap pass of Bill Warner to take 3rd place.

2010-05-02 15.55.08   2010-05-02 16.01.25
Brian Johnson
’70 Royale RP 4
Winner overall on Sunday.
Farrell Preston
’63 Jaguar E Type
2nd place overall on Sunday.
2010-05-02 16.01.46  
Ernie Bello
’74 Opel Kadett GTE
3rd place overall on Sunday.


Group 4 – B.O.S.S. Series

Big-bore open-wheel formula racing cars, including F5000, Indy Cars, F1, Indy Lights and F3000.

Sunday results not available.

The winning ‘94 Tyrrell 022 on Saturday was campaigned in the 1994 F1 Championship.  The drivers were Ukyo Katayama and Mark Blundell.

2010-05-02 15.39.11   2010-05-02 15.43.34
Phil Stratford
’94 Tyrrell 022
Winner overall on Saturday.
Travis Engen
’01 Lola T97/20
2nd overall on Saturday.
2010-04-30 15.22.52  
Mark Brannon
’97 Lola T97/20
3rd overall on Saturday.


Group 5 – Classic GT

Production sports cars over 5 liters through 1959 and certain big-bore 1960-1974 production sports cars and muscle cars.


2010-04-30 15.47.32 2010-04-30 15.52.24
Dennis Olthoff
’66 GT40 MKII
Winner overall on Saturday and Sunday.
Eric Bretzel
’72 Porsche 911
2nd overall on Saturday.
2010-04-30 15.56.24 2010-04-30 15.53.55
Edward Sevadjian
’65 Cobra Mark III
3rd overall on Saturday.
#00 – Anthony Martin
’65 Backdraft Cobra
2nd overall on Sunday.
2010-05-01 15.58.04  
Frank Beck
’72 Porsche 914/6
3rd overall on Sunday.


Group 5C – Cayman Interseries

Napleton Porsche and HSR teamed up to develop the Cayman Interseries which consists of the 2009 and 2010 Cayman S.  Champions will be crowned in sprint and endurance formats.  One cool feature of the series is that all the cars have a replica livery of a past historic racing Porsche.  This is the first official season of the series. 

The Cayman cars had a sprint race on Saturday and Sunday and competed in the Classic GT Enduro on Sunday.  I could not find any results available for Saturday’s race.

2010-04-30 15.51.20  2010-04-30 16.09.42
Steve Jenkins
’09 Porsche Cayman S
Winner on Sunday.
David Hansson
’09 Porsche Cayman S 
2nd overall on Sunday.
2010-04-30 15.54.24  
Lee Davis
’10 Porsche Cayman S
3rd overall on Sunday.


Group 6 – Historic GTP; WSC; DP

IMSA GTP and GTP Light plus European Group C cars from the 80’s and early 90’s and cars from IMSA’s World Sports Car Championship of the late 90’s.

2010-05-01 16.18.01  2010-05-01 16.21.55
George Robinson
’01 Riley & Scott MK111C
Winner overall on Saturday.
Andy Wallace
’05 Audi R8
2nd overall on Saturday.
2010-05-01 16.26.12_03  
Travis Engen
’05 Audi R8
3rd overall on Saturday.


Group 7 – Championship of Makes (Jo Bonnier Series)

Sports racing cars from 1960-1974 including cars with displacements from 2 to 6.5 liters that competed in various series such as SCCA’s Can-Am.

 2010-05-01 17.23.40 2010-05-01 17.30.00
Howard Katz
’75 Toj 
Winner overall on Saturday.
Ed Swart
’71 Chevron B-19
2nd overall on Saturday.
2010-05-01 17.33.14  
Cliff Berry
’78 Chevron B36
3rd overall on Saturday.

No results for Group 6, 7 race on Sunday.

Group 8 – Historic Stock Cars

Winston Cup and Busch cars from 1980-2006.

 2010-05-01 10.29.32 No Picture Available
Mark Furcini
’05 Charger
Winner overall on Saturday.
Dale Phelon
’06 Ford Fusion
Winner overall on Sunday.
No Picture Available 2010-05-01 10.35.20
Jack Finch
’06 Charger
2nd place Saturday & Sunday.
Maurice Hull
’06 Charger
3rd place Saturday & Sunday.


Group 9 – Historic GT

IMSA GTO, GTU, and GTX from 1975-1984 and Trans-Am cars through 1992.

2010-05-01 11.17.15 2010-05-01 11.17.26
Richard Howe
’89 Mustang Trans-Am GTO
Winner overall on Saturday.
Dale Phelon
’95 Mustang
Winner overall on Sunday.
2010-05-01 11.15.51 2010-05-01 11.23.10
Donald Soenen
’95 Mustang Trans-Am
2nd overall on Saturday & Sunday.
Paul Reisman
’92 Mustang Trans-Am
3rd overall on Saturday.
2010-05-01 11.19.28  
Michael Mills
’06 Porsche 997
3rd overall on Sunday.


Officials and Workers


 2010-05-01 14.50.23 2010-05-01 15.06.05
Steve Kalberg Frank Thompson
2010-05-02 13.23.08 2010-05-02 15.07.18
Mark Chandler John Krick and Jerry Plumber.

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