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I’m sorry to be so late getting this out, but I was waiting for the video of the weekend to see if maybe it was all a bad dream and I didn’t REALLY cause the wreck on the last lap of the May 8 SARRC/MARRS race at VIR.  Alas, it really did happen and I really did screw up badly.  I also need to officially apologize to Larry Pulliam for giving him a hard time about repeatedly looping Cuervo at Little Talladega last month – ends up there WAS something wrong with the car!!!

Short story – Running second in GTA during Saturday’s race, then made a mistake (on the last lap) and took out both myself and a competitor’s car.  NOT my best weekend ever at a race track.

For those that want the “Reporter’s version” of the weekend, here’s a race report I posted on the V8SC site: http://v8stockcar.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=1520&p=3831#p3831.  

And for those who have nothing better to do for the next fifteen minutes, here’s the longer story with “personalized facts” (my brothers will tell you what that means <g>):



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